Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yes my sweet little boy is finally here! Pictures will come soon (just got a camera) he is in the NICU and will be there until he is nice and strong, still needs to grow grow grow.... We are fine have my good days and bad but the most important is he stays healthy! He was 6lb 4oz 19inches long. He currently weighs 5lbs 13oz skinny little thing. He is so sweet such a brave little guy. Mika'ele absolutely LOVES his brother and misses him like crazy. He can only see him twice a week for about 15min so with Myk and I going all the time he feels left out. I will keep updating i need to get to bed!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So many things going through my head this morning as i sit in my hospital room wondering what is going to happen. Wednesday morning i woke up at 1:ooam and I could not sleep for anything! So I went down stairs so I wouldn't bother the boys while they were snoring away and turned on the t.v. Tossing and Turning for 2 hours was getting to me but i couldn't do anything about it. I finally was getting sleepy enough to were I couldn't keep my eyes open so i layed down GUSH my water broke! I jumped up so fast ran upstairs thinking No way this isn't happening its too early. I yelled to Myk and he was in shock still trying to wake up said "Its not time" I sat on the toilet scared like I Never have been scared before and Began to cry for like a second and of course Myk being the calm person he is said Tina its going to be fine so i snapped out of it got my cell called Mami and we were off. Mika'ele was excited for his baby brother to come and he made no fuss hugged me so tight and there I left him as I walked away with tears knowing he will be ok (It was harder for me to leave him then it was for him) As I'm tearing right now every time I think of him so funny its only been 1 day!!! We arrived tot he hospital and they explained what will happen and what to expect. So many Doctors and nurses came to see me filling me in with all the dangers and every time one left i broke down in tears and wiped them away whenever someone else came to talk to me. I know it is there job to advise me of all the "negative things that can happen" but seriously freaked me out!

All in all we are fine. I just have to keep him in my tummy for as long as possible, there is a 48 hour window where they give me steroids to help develop Kawikas lungs and we made it past 24, had my second shot this morning so hopefully i can keep it up. If i don't get infection or fever they will send me upstairs hoping i will last to 34 weeks. I am on bed rest and let me tell you i don't think I have done anything so boring in my life. Its only been one day and I'm sick of this bed. I will do what needs to be done though.

I slept alone at the hospital last night, I sent Myk home with Mika'ele so he can keep somewhat of a schedule and not get so home sick, Although he seems to be having so much fun with his Primos and seems to have forgotten all about his MAMI!!! He didn't even want to come see me of course i teared and in the end he came to see me and said "Mami don't be a cry baby!! I love my son with everything I am. He seems to be fine and I know he is but i just like him to be with me so i can hug him whenever i want!!

Ok so now that i have written a novel all I can say is I am blessed and filled with emotion, Mika came last night and said she was rubbing off on me because I cry for everything. Which may be true but i blame it on the hormones, I love all my family and friends who with no questions asked are there in anyway they can be. Thanks to you all you are making this easier for me just knowing that I have so much help. I will post later since i will be here for a while i have nothing else to do HA!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a BOY

We are having a baby and it is another BOY!!! We are so excited and now Mika'ele has a ninja in training! I'm sure he will fit in just fine with all the boys he seems to kick all the time. We dont have a name for him yet but we still have time. He is due December 18
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Obon 2010

We have gone to the Obon Festival for the past 2 years so its kind of tradition now. Kids get all dressed up and can't wait to dance and eat yummy treats! Madison, Makena, Mika'ele and Elia are all getting so big.
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Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July!! Take a look lots of pics. Mika'ele finally wasnt scared this year!
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Catching up AGAIN!!

I am trying to catch up with all the pictures they are not in any kind of order (just realized while i was in the middle of it) Enjoy!

Mika's Wedding

Mika and Johnny got married!!!
Mika'ele looks so handsome in his tux
Doesn't Mika look so beautiful
Newly Weds
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